What is Information?

What is Information?

What is Information is a question that need a simple answer and this post is concerned with the answer of this question with easy to understand analogy.

Whenever inputted Raw Data have been processed in the control of any computer program, it generates some kind of output and this output is called Information. Since, the Information generated from one processing can be used as raw data again in another processing and this approach could further continue.

For example, when we input ‘H’, ‘e’, ‘l’, ‘l’, ‘o’, ‘ ’, ‘W’, ‘o’, ‘r’, ‘l’, ‘d’ characters, all these characters inputted through the keyboard are just abstract characters or raw data that have no meaning on their own. But the operating system arranges these characters as two different words “Hello” and “World” and since both of these words have complete meaning in themselves, they are Information of the current processing.

Now, suppose we concatenate both of these “Hello” and “World” words into a single line, we get “Hello World”, which again having complete meaning and that’s why, this line is also one kind of Information of the current processing but in the way of generating this information, we have used two words “Hello” and “World” which were Information of previous processing but are participating in current processing as Abstract Data.

So, Information of previous processing can participate in current processing as Raw Data while the Information generated through current processing could again participate as Raw Data in next processing and this progression could further continue to infinity.

If we say in simple words, Character is data in word while word is Information, Word is data for sentence while sentence is Information, Sentence is data for paragraph while paragraph is Information, Paragraph is data for page while page is Information, Page is data for book while book is Information, book is data for library while library is Information and this sequence could be further continue.

So, as a summary, in a computer system we store everything in the form of Data. Then in control of some computer program we apply Processing on this stored data which in turn generates Information and on the basis of this generated Information, we take decisions while data may be in form of Number, Character, String (group of characters), Figure, Image, Audio, Video like Binary Data and in a computer system we work with only these kinds of data because other than these is no any other kind of data possible.

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