Application Software: The Actual Task Performer

Application Software are the software that accomplish a single type of task properly and they are always executed under the control of an operating system. It means, if there is no operating system on a computer system or device, the application would not be able to accomplish the task for that it was developed because … [Read more...]

System Software: The Master Controller.

System Software is also called Master Software or Operating System Software which is a group of various kinds of control programs to control working and execution of other application programs. Actually, in a computer system, each and every program executes under the control of this System Software. How the Hard Disk … [Read more...]

Program Vs Software

Program Vs Software : Data Management is the main purpose of the computer system. Whatever we see around us, everything is data for computer and as a programmer, we need to represent them all like data into the computer. But computer understands only electrical signals or in other words machine language and in this … [Read more...]

What is System?

What is System: Computer is a System because when so may individual units are working together to solve one or many problems or to achieve a specific target, the set of these individual units is called System. For example, Hospital is a one kind of System that we call Hospital System where so many individual units like … [Read more...]

What is a Computer?

What is a Computer: The general definition of a computer system is that a Computer is an electronic machine, which works under the control of a program (which is a sequential list of instructions) and after executing the program on the data (which called Processing) an appropriate result is generated which called … [Read more...]