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What is a Loop in Programming

What is a Loop in Programming is a very basic question a beginner asks but the answer is not easy for a newbie. When we talk in terms of computer programming, the general definition for a loop is that: "A loop is a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is … [Read more...]

Run Java from Command Line

When you first start learning Java, the biggest issue you face is to Compile and Run java programs because when you install JDK, you only get APIs and Tools for Java based Application Development but you don't get any IDE like Visual Studio and in that situation, you always have to Compile and Run your Java Programs … [Read more...]

What is Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming is basically a Set of Rules to develop a Program that could be easy to Manage and Extend. It's just a Programming Paradigm or in simple words, it's just a Programming Pattern and in this post, we would try to understand some basics related to this paradigm with a simple analogy. Rules of … [Read more...]

What is a Compiler | What is an Interpreter

Whenever someone just starts to learn programming, he face a common issue related to understand the concept of What is a Compiler and Interpreter. The information already available related to these terms "Compiler" and "Interpreter" doesn't clears everything properly. So, in this post, I am trying to clear both of … [Read more...]

Application Software: The Actual Task Performer

Application Software are the software that accomplish a single type of task properly and they are always executed under the control of an operating system. It means, if there is no operating system on a computer system or device, the application would not be able to accomplish the task for that it was developed because … [Read more...]