6 Easy Steps to Resend FeedBurner EMail and Increase Traffic n Times More

Generally blogger use FeedBurner Service to deliver each Latest Post to their Subscibers via RSS Feed/Email. Once configuring FeedBurner Service with thier Blog, they don’t need to do anything else other than publishing new posts. As soon as they publish a new post, that post automatically delivers to all his/her registered RSS Feed/EMail Subscribers.

But there is always a problem with this default working system of FeedBurner.

Although each newly registered subscriber gets your each next post into his/her inbox but your already published old articles doesn’t delivers to them and we blogger don’t have any scheduling option in FeedBurner Control Panle to send old posts to new subscriber.

Suppost you are blogging for a long time and you have more than 5000 FeedBurner RSS/EMail Subscribers. Question is:

“Do all your subscribers have read all your articles?” 

No, never.

You can very easily findout these low pageview articles using Google Analytics Account which have no more than 100 pageviews. That means, only 100 readers have visited these posts while 4900 subscribers still may read them and some of them may be converted to.

In other words, there are so many posts already exists in your Database which are full of Very Interesting and Useful Information for sure, but didn’t got enough readers, just because your readers didn’t reached to these posts and your reader could not reached to these posts because when they subscribed to your Blog, these posts were already exists and already exists posts are not delivered to newly registered subscribers via FeedBuerner Service.

Just think, if you could send your old articles to all of your currently subscribed readers again, how much more Traffic and Sales you can get to increase your income without investing any Time and Enrgy which requires in researching and creating new post?

Although so many have already read those old articles, but there would be more than 50% subscribers who still have not read them too.

You would neither need to pay Money nor your Time and Energy to get Return Traffic of your Subscribers and every online marketer knows that:

Return Traffic converts in Sales well than Fresh Traffic.

Can you imaging, how many sales would increase with this return traffic just with old articles?

No, you can’t, because you still have not tried. But the question is:

“Is it possible to Resend Old Articles to All Registered FeedBurner Subscribes?” 

Yes, I can do it. Actually I do it because I don’t need to invest more than 5 minutes to send old articles to all subscribed users while creating a new post is always a time consuming task.

Do you want to know “How to do it?

OK. Let’s do it, but first of all you need to understand the Working of FeedBurner Service with your Blog.  Register and Login to read the rest of the article.

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